Teacher Supports

Adapt, Plan, and Participate

Sprocket contains several features to help teachers successfully implement their project-based courses. Teachers can use the portal to plan their instruction and learn from other members of the research community.
Photo by Allison Shelley for EDUimages, is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0

View and Customize the Curriculum

Sprocket allows teachers to customize the curriculum materials for their classrooms. Teachers have the capability to make changes to lesson plans and materials, as well as upload new course materials.

Participate in a Professional Community

Teachers participating in the research studies of the courses on Sprocket were a part of a unique professional community aimed at supporting teacher practice for project-based learning. Participating teachers shared resources and ideas for using them with their students, viewed the ways in which other teachers customized the curriculum materials, and communicated with one another about different strategies. Now you can be a part of this growing community.

Professional Development

Professional development refers to a variety of ongoing educational opportunities, including training, formal coursework, conference attendance, and informal experience that are part of ongoing practice. Approaches to professional development are just as varied, including coaching or mentoring, consultation, study, and communities of practice.

We strongly recommend any implementation of PBL curricula on Sprocket be supported by professional development, in order to enact practices as designed. Educurious has a skilled team that is ready to support your implementation. Contact us at sprocket@educurious.org to learn more.

The College Board has partnered with PBL Works to offer PBL-based professional learning programs for Advanced Placement (AP) courses in Environmental Science and U.S Government and Politics.